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SFGA at LandOLakes July 5, 2022

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association played at Land O Lakes Golf this week with 40 member playing. Next weeks tournament will be at Lakewood Country Club.

The winners this week were:

1st Place—(122)—Edwin Skipper Stan Matthews Terry Blackburn Sherrill Skipper

2nd Place—(123)—Ricky Yandle Charles Hungerford Ken Brown

3rd Place—(127)—Rudy Pait Kenneth Britt Mark Dixon

4th Place—(130)—L.R. Odham Roger Walton Bruce Horton Alick Mansfield

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05. Juli 2022

A surprise win as we didn’t realize we had done so well. I guess we married well on the holes that mattered.

Gefällt mir
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