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Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association played a tourney on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at LOL

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Here are the results from the Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association Tournament held Tuesday, April 9, at the Land O’ Lakes Golf Course in Whiteville.

April 9, 2019–(60 Players)

First Flight– 1st Place–(52)–Kenny Stanley and Rob Conway 2nd Place–(46)–Emery White and J. D. Elliott 3rd Place–(45)–Ronnie Tart and Fred Atkinson

Second Flight– 1st Place–(40)–L.R. Odham and Mike Waddell 2nd Place–(40)–Larry Mitchell and Jerry Willoughby 3rd Place–(38)–Randy Williamson and Keith Long

Third Flight– 1st Place–(31)–Bob Latham and Ken Britt 2nd Place–(30)–Timmy Thompson and Livingston Lewis 3rd Place–(30)–Jimmy Cook and Bobby Gooden

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