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Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association October 23, 2018 Tourney Held At Vineyard

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Seventy-two players participated in the SFGA Tournament Tuesday, October 23, 2018 at Vineyard Golf. The first flight winning team, with a score of 133, was Kenny Stanley, Mac Porter, Bob Latham and Greg Ruark.

Two teams tied for first place in the second flight with scores of 144. Those teams were: Myles Cartrette, Rick Daniel, James Simmons and Pete Sellers along with the team of Rob Conway, Bill Fisher, Dennie Pait and Ray Crabtree.

First Flight

1st Place (133)-Kenny Stanley Mac Porter

Bob Latham Greg Ruark

2nd Place (135)-Emery White Lewis Sauls

Jimmy Cook Kenneth Britt

3rd Place-(139)-Edwin Skipper Joey Gore

Rudy Pait John Blake

3rd Place-139)-C.P. Lewis Lenon Fisher Ed Horne

Neil Buie

3rd Place (139)-Mike Waddell Charles Bridger Don Salsbury Jeff Wrenn

Second Flight

1st Place (144)-Myles Cartrette, Rick Daniel

James Simmons Pete Sellers

1st Place-(144)-Rob Conway Bill Fisher

Dennie Pait Ray Crabtree

3rd Place-(145)-Frank Gray Johnny Wallace Timmy Thompson Ken Cain

3rd Place-(145)-Larry Suggs Butchie Martin

Jim Tori Stan Matthews

Next tournament held at Stryker Golf Course on Fort Bragg.

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