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SFGA Plays September 3, 2019 Tournament At Fairmont Golf Course

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

The SFGA played their September 3, 2019 tournament at Fairmont Golf Course with 65 players participating. The winning team, with a score of 52, was Gordon Kinlaw, Terry Strickland, Jimmy Cook and Doug Palmer.

Next week’s tournament will be held at Panther’s Run Golf Course.

1st Place–(52)–Gordon Kinlaw, Terry Strickland, Jimmy Cook, Doug Palmer

2nd Place–(54)–L.R. Odham, Livingston Lewis, Jack Thompson, Willie Young

2nd Place–(54)–Mike Waddell, J.C. Wiggins, Mark Dixon, Ray Crabtree

4th Place–(55)–Edwin Skipper, Joe Jackson, Bobby Gooden

4th Place–(55)–Ronnie Russ, Fred Atkinson, Willard Storms, Bob Cox

4th Place–(55)–C.L. Gore, Sandy Holland, David Kinlaw

4th Place–(55)–Rob Conway, Emory White, Elmer Tessenear, Roger Canady

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