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Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association August 21, 2018 Tourney Played At Vineyard Golf

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Seventy-four players participated in the August 21, 2018, SFGA tourney played at Vineyard Golf between Elizabethtown and White Lake. Two teams tied for first place with scores of 53. The winning teams were Frank Gray, L.R. Odham, Tim Thompson and Roger Canady and the team of Mac Porter, James Hammond, Mickey Brisson and John Blake. The August 28 tournament will be held at Fairmont Golf Course.

August 21, 2018-(74 Players)

1st Place-(53)-Frank Gray L.R.Odham

Timmy Thompson Roger Canady

1st Place-(53)-Mac Porter James Hammond Mickey Brisson John Blake

3rd Place-(54)-C.L. Gore Larry Suggs Jeff Wrenn

Willard Storms

3rd Place-(54)-Ronnie Tart C.P. Lewis

Charles Hungerford Kenneth Britt

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