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SFGA: Bayonet at Puppy Creek, May 21, 2019

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

May 21, 2019–(56 Players)

Next Tournament–Diamond Back Golf Course May 28

1st Place–(52)–Gareth Williamson, Lewis Sauls, J.C. Wiggins, Bob Latham

1st Place–(52)–Sammy Stanley, Sandy Holland, John Blake, Rob Conway

3rd Place–(53)–Mike Waddell, Joey Gore, Ray Crabtree, Dennie Pait

4th Place–(54)–Edwin Skipper, Terry Strickland, Charles Hungerford, Doug Palmer

4th Place–(54)–Rudy Pait, C.P. Lewis, Livingston Lewis, Emery White

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