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SFGA at LOL, Nov. 16, 2021

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

The Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association ended it’s 2021 season with a tournament at Land O Lakes Golf Course on November 16th with 40 players participating. The 2022 season will begin in March.

The winners this week were:

1st Place—(132)—Linwood Hedgepeth, Stephen Lennon, Barry Kelly, Dennie Pait

1st Place—(132)—Kenny Stanley, L. R. Odham, Johnny Wallace, Ken Brown

1st Place—(132)—Jim Tori, Jeff Wrenn, Ray Crabtree, Rob Conway

4th Place—(133)—John McGougan, Stan Matthews, Jerry Strickland, Bobby Gooden

5th Place—(134)—Ron Tart, J. C. Wiggins, Kenneth Britt, Elmer Tessenear

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