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SFGA at DiamondBack GC, July 26, 2022

Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association played a Captain’s Choice tournament at Diamondback Golf Course Tuesday July 26th with 29 members participating.  Next weeks tournament will be at Land O Lakes Golf Course.

The winners this week were:


1st Place—(65)—Linwood Hedgepeth      John Blake    Stan Matthews     L.R. Odham


1st Place—(65)—Stephen Lennon     Hadi Ipekyun     Billy Malpass      Bradley Butler


3rd Place—(66)—Roger Walton     Michael Nardi     Terry Strickland     Ricky Yandle

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1 comentario

27 jul 2022

Such great company, we are so fortunate to have our league 😎🏌️‍♂️

Me gusta
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