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Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association Opens Season At Timberlake Golf Course

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

The Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association opened the season with 64 members playing at Timberlake Golf Course on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

. The winning team with a score of 50 was Ronnie Tart, Bob Latham, Dave Randall and Rob Conway. Second place with a 53 was Gareth Williamson, Joe Canady, Larry Mitchell and Joe Jackson. Next weeks tournament at Cypress Lakes Golf Course.

Timberlake Golf Course

March 12, 2019–64 Players

1st Place(50)–Ronnie Tart Bob Latham Dave Randall Rob Conway

2nd Place(53)–Gareth Williamson Joe Canady Larry Mitchell Joe Jackson

3rd Place(55)–Frank Gray David Medlin Timmy Thompson Elvin Meares

4th Place(56)–Mickey Brisson Charles Bridger Bradley Butler Mark Dixon

4th Place(56)–Rudy Pait Lenon Fisher Dennie Pait Bobby Gooden

4th Place(56)–Mike Waddell Don Salsbery Fred Atkinson John Blake

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