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SFGA at Timberlake, November 6, 2018

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The next to last Southeastern Fellowship Senior Golf Association tournament was held November 6 at Timberlake Golf Course in Clinton.

Seventy players participated.

1st Place (50)-Cal Violette L.R. Odham Joe Canady Roger Canady

2nd Place-(52)-Joey Gore Larry Suggs C.P. Lewis

Doug Palmer

3rd Place-(53)-Edwin Skipper C.L. Gore Gordan Graham Pete Sellers

3rd Place-(53)-Billy Taylor Billy Malpass

Wilton Wiggins Kenneth Britt

3rd Place-(53)-Mac Porter Stacy Owen

Livingston Lewis Willard Storms

6th Place-(54)-Rick Daniel Gary Bass Johnny Wallace Timmy Thompson

6th Place-(54)-Wilber Simmons John D. Elliot

Jerry Willoughby Mark Dixon

The final tournament of the season will be held November 13, 2018, at Land O’Lakes Golf Course near Whiteville.

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