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SFGA at LOL, October 1, 2019

October 1, 2019-(68 Players)

Next Tournament-Scotch Meadows Golf Course

1st Place-(49)-Kenny Stanley Wilber Simmons Ray Crabtree Charlie Kiess

T2nd Place-(50)-Rudy Pait Charles Bridger

John D. Elliot Bobby Gooden

T2nd Place-(50) -Billy Storms Willard Storms

Bob Latham Jerry Willoughby

T4th Place-(51)-Jeff Campbell Larry Suggs

Charles Hungerford John Blake

T4th Place-(51)-Ronnie Russ Elmer Tessenear

Stan Matthews Terry Miller

6th Place-(52)-Rob Conway Ronnie Tart

Jeff Wrenn Danny Davis

7th Place-(53) -Joe Canady Larry Mitchell

Timmy Thompson Mitch Nance

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