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Southeastern Fellowship Golf Association Plays At Deercroft

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

The SFGA April 23, 2019 Tournament was played at Deercroft Golf Course with 60 players participating. The winning team, with a score of 55 was Sandy Holland, Mickey Brisson, Joe Canady and Charles Hungerford.

During the tournament Micky Brisson had a hole-in-one on #16 and Kenny Stanley aced #12. The next tournament will be next Tuesday at Stryker Golf Course. The winning teams and scores from Deercroft are listed below.

1st Place–(55)–Sandy Holland, Mickey Brisson, Joe Canady, Charles Hungerford 2nd Place–(57)–John McGougan, Lewis Sauls, Charles Bridger, Ray Crabtree 3rd Place–(58)–Kenny Stanley, Timmy Thompson, Danny Davis 3rd Place–(58)–Randy Williamson, Oliver Carter, Terry Strickland, Jerry Willoughby 5th Place–(59)–Jimmy Jones, Danny Wiggins, J.C. Wiggins, Bobby Gooden 5th Place–(59)–Jack Thompson, Sammy Stanley, James Hammond, Jack Taylor 5th Place–(59)–Emery White, George Cochran, Johnny Wallace, Bob Latham

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